Welcome to the Royal Guild of Flemish Antique Dealers !

The Royal Guild of Flemish Antique Dealers is a professional organisation with a longstanding tradition (see below). It represents art and antique dealers in Flanders and aims to protect and give a legal framework to their profession. All members work according to an ethical code, and the items that are offered for sale must be of unquestionable quality. Thus, the Antique Dealers Guild stands for a mark of quality, which enables private individuals to purchase with confidence.


History of the Antique Guild

The association started in 1922 under the name 'Dealers in past time antiquities', this trade association was based in Ghent. In 1938 the association was lawfully recognized as a professional association with number 238 following the trade description act of the 31st of March 1898. In the beginning years of the Guild the head office was in the Jan Breydelsroad 13 in Ghent. The first statutes of the association were decided and approved by the state committe on March the 16th 1973. A little later, more precisely on the 8th of February 1974, the association was granted the permission from the Royal house hold to use 'Royal' to its title.

After this long past years KGVA is still very much alive, although the situation in the antique world, thoroughly changed compared to a few years ago. It is with this in mind, we as members of the KGVA, more than ever, have to specialize in our field to ensure quality and absolute perfection in what we have to offer. For those dealers using the antique trade as a secondary job must not sell inferior objects just to be able to make ends meet financially.